Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dzanan Musa, A 6’10” Point Guard?

In the Long Island Nets most recent game vs the Greensboro Storm, the team started, Dzanan Musa, their first round pick from the most recent draft at the PG. So think Ben Simmons vs Kevin Durant, both are 6’10” and above players who handle the rock, but Simmons truly is the Sixers point guard where as Kevin Durant is 3-4 as needed.

On the season Musa is averaging 20pts on the dot, 6.3 rebs, 2.8 asts on what would be at best average percentages with 41.7% from the field, and 32.7% from 3pt. However it needs to be taken in perspective that 1.) he is only 19 years old and 2.) the way he plays the game shows elite quickness for a player with 6’10” size as well as an ability to contribute in every area of the game as you can see from his highlights against the Storm.

Check Out this Pass!!!!

Here we see an incredibly nifty pass from Musa, he throws an incredibly deft bounce pass, perfectly threading the needle almost like a quarterback where only his man could get it. Oh and by the way that was with his off-hand

I was already incredibly excited about Musa to begin with, but the Nets decision to fully commit to him at the Point has been a awesome development and one that could potentially net us quite the basketball player.


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