Three things Nets need to win without Caris Levert


3. Spencer Dinwiddie

Nets guards fill Caris LeVert void to end three-game skid

Spencer Dinwiddie needs to get back to the form he was in midseason last year. Last
season the spate of injuries we suffered did have one upside, the emergence of
Dinwiddie. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep up the consistency as the starters got
healthy Kenny did not seem to know how to use him. This season the 6 th man leader of
the second unit role was a good fit for Dinwiddie, but with Levert missing significant
time I feel like Dinwiddie is the only guy on the squad capable of rivaling the pace Levert
has been on this year.

2. Depth

Nets putting hopes in unlikely savior after Caris LeVert injury

All the guards need to step up on defense this is where I feel Leverts presence will be
missed the most. As a team we have some talented defensive players but most of them
are bigger guys like RHJ and Jared Allen, Levert is our best perimeter defender and
turnover generator. I don’t want to keep talking about last year (20-62) as tho we are
regressing but there are some small things such as Allen Crabbe playing solid defense
that is just nowhere to be found. No one person is going to be able to make up the
difference Levert makes on that end of the court but if as a group the guards and wings
can step up we should be alright.

1. Turnovers

D’Angelo Russell finally starting to prove his critics wrong

Stop turning the ball over especially in crucial moments (most of the blame goes to
Kenny, we haven’t been the best team in situational moments.) Anyone else sick of
winning the 99% of the game and then turning it over 20 times in the span of 145
seconds while simultaneously missing 6 threes all while Kenny stands there looking up
into the rafters like a fans holding up the formula to closing out games on a poster
board. Ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I have so much faith in these nets
players that seeing them blow games because of stupid mistakes is mind boggling to
me. The first time something like that happens its just a bad play, when there starts
being a bit of a pattern it is coaching. Kenny must find a way to get these guys to play
smart, efficient basketball down the stretch of games and without Levert the emphasis
on this point is only going to be amplified.



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